Windows Updates stuck downloading (0%, 99%, any other %) on Server 2012

I was patching some heinously out of date client servers today that kept getting stuck at 0%, 99% and various other percentages on the ‘downloading updates’ phase of applying Windows Updates. All the usual tricks of deleting the Download folder within C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution didn’t work. Antivirus being disabled¬†seemed to solve some of the issue, but not […]

Internet of Shit

This is how I’m contributing to the consumption of the ‘internet of shit’. Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway, Unifi Access Point AC Lite, VLAN-capable TP-Link switch: because my ISP delivers Ethernet into my house, this is great as I have my own highly powerful router, that’s integrated with the management/statistics collected by the Unifi software. The […]

Configure Shared Templates in Office to point to SharePoint Online

Assuming you have the following deployed to your users: OneDrive for Business sync client Microsoft Sign-In Assistant Office 2013 / Office 365 ProPlus (I haven’t explicitly validated this, but it is what I have installed on my test PC) …then configuring Office to use a SharePoint Online library for Shared document templates is pretty easy. […]

Understanding Web Proxy Configuration in Windows

Understanding Web Proxy Configuration – IEInternals – Site Home – MSDN Blogs. The above link is a very thorough article detailing proxy configuration within Windows. Its not quite as easy as you might expect! The most pertinent of things; not everything uses the proxy configuration specified in LAN Settings within the Internet Explorer’s Internet Options […]

Setting up Yammer Directory Sync

Setting up Yammer Directory Sync With Office365 – Life on Planet Groove. This is a great article on how to get Yammer Directory Sync configured and all the various advanced configuration items you need to do to have it work nicely. Ignore the “With Office365” part, though. This isn’t about synchronising Yammer with your Office […]