Camden Markets, London

Today I went along to Camden Markets with the Canadian friends of Megan with whom I also attended Oktoberfest (blog post about that to come).

One can pretty safely assume from the density of pedestrians and Northern Line tube usage on Saturday that it is a popular day for almost everyone to go to Camden Town to experience that unique alternative culture. The markets are pretty impressive though. A range from cheap trinkets through to hand-crafted furnitures and homewares, from mass-produced tacky screen-print tees to unique high-priced exquisite wears. Definitely some cool stuff to come back to at some point. Maybe for some gifts home and so on 🙂

Then there are the food stalls, similar to that of the Borough High Markets (which I’ve yet to blog about – will do next time I go), where you can find some amazing tastes and varied cultural delicacies. Quite a few Chinese ‘mix and match’ places, a Mexican joint or two, Indian, Turkish hookah bars…etc.

Also what surprised me was the shop “Cyberdog”, which was a mostly underground store seemingly catering to ravers. Dance music booming through decent quality speakers, black lights and animated/music-synced LED/fluorescent lighting. Most of the clothing was fluro coloured, which of course came up awesomely under the black light. There was also a large quantity of other nick-nacks and homewares that suited the theme – like recycled printed circuit board lamps, books, coasters, etc.

The lowest level of the place was mostly sex toys…

Back to the markets though, definitely recommend it for those visiting London. Be prepared to lose several hours there if you want to have a decent look around though. Bring cash, most stalls probably won’t take card. Also grab a bite and sit down by the Camden Lock.

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