October 2012

Difference between UK and NZ: Supermarkets

The layout of supermarkets here is quite different to those in New Zealand. Sure, the basics of shopper psychology still exists, such as the top goods of milk and bread are still stuck right in the back as far away from each other and the entrance as possible, but the flow of the other aisles […]

Project Server Security explained

Project Server Security explained « Ben Howard, Applepark – Project Server Consultant. Project Server security can be hard to wrap your head around at first glance… users, groups, security categories, global permissions, category permissions… phew! This article does a pretty good job of explaining it textually and visually.

Reflection: Four months abroad, one month in the United Kingdom

The 19th of October saw the fourth month of my absence from New Zealand. Four months of being in a foreign land. One month of that (plus a week or two) has been settled in London, United Kingdom. I haven’t posted much since I have been here – excuse being that settling in has been […]

New Zealanders = passive

Why are New Zealanders so passive? I very much agree with this sentiment after travelling around with several other cultures and nationalities. We really just don’t give a shit for the sake of keeping the commotion down.