Difference between UK and NZ: Supermarkets

The layout of supermarkets here is quite different to those in New Zealand. Sure, the basics of shopper psychology still exists, such as the top goods of milk and bread are still stuck right in the back as far away from each other and the entrance as possible, but the flow of the other aisles is very stilted and broken.

Supermarket’s own brands seem far more important here – they’re everywhere you look, and typically they’ll put their own products away from everyone elses, but where you would’ve been for something else. Example: the supermarket’s brand of frozen pizzas is right next to the vegies and fruit, but the other brands are all off in the main frozen meal section.

This product separation is what makes it so confusing for me. It feels like the supermarket has mostly just been shuffled by someone like a deck of cards. Instead of the fairly natural progression through various different clustering of types like in New Zealand, you jump back and forth between different types.

Also, not knowing brands is difficult. I just have to pick one and hope for the best. The worst is with biscuits… almost none of my normal brands are here…that makes it difficult to try get the taste and texture I’m craving in a particular type.

All of this aside…my biggest peeve?

Muesli/snack bars. There is just no selection. And when there is, they’re all mini little things with no substance. Snack bars were my staple snack food in New Zealand… I feel so lost!

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