Windows Phone 8 first-impressions from a long time hard-core Android user

  • Notifications – I miss the notification bar/fly-down, having to go back to the home screen just to see what notifications I have feels very clunky.
  • Accounts – not very integrated. I’ve had to sign into my one Microsoft account (an Office 365 account) 3 times: At phone boot, for Outlook and again for SharePoint/Office hub.
  • Managed to crash the phone… I turned on Internet Sharing, then promptly turned it off again, then backed out of that settings pane and clicked another one – at which time the phone went black and the Nokia logo came up again, indicating it had rebooted.
  • Downloading an app is a foreground activity? …ok no I see it is to start with then it jumps you to the app list and the app list is where progress of that app downloading is reported… still a slightly annoying behaviour however (especially if starting the download takes a long time).
  • Flow… pushing back is weird. Doesn’t operate quite as I’d expect from using Android
  • The hubs are cool for surfacing everything in one place, but the quantity of my Facebook friends and photo albums quickly make that very chunky/large view quite cumbersome.
  • …will add more as they surface.


Overall first impression:

No “WOW” factor… it just…does things. Not in any particularly exciting way…but it just does them. The tiles are kinda cool, but there are certain interactions I would expect that aren’t there. Some seemingly simple functions don’t exist either (eg, how do I copy/paste from/to a text field in the browser?)… I think where it will hopefully start to shine is as a corporate device… will let you know once I’ve actually used it during work hours for that out of necessity.

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