Project Server: Removed the initial AAM and now the sample BI gallery doesn’t work?

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If you’ve changed the Alternate Access Mappings (AAM) for a site from what they were when you first deployed PWA, then you might notice the built in demo Business Intelligence site no longer works. The sample reports and data connections are all pointing at the old AAM.

So long as you hadn’t started customising or adding to the sample BI site, the easiest way to fix all the connection strings and data connection bindings in the spreadsheets is to redeploy the BI centre.

To do this, simply delete the BI site from PWA, then ‘reprovision’ PWA by selecting Edit on the PWA in question within the Service Application settings for Project Server, make no changes to the page and then click Save. It will go through the motions as if reattaching PWA, and so will recreate the sample Business Intelligence site.

Don’t worry about your data or anything else in the site – doing this ‘reprovision’ doesn’t affect anything else within your PWA instance.

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