And so it properly snows in England

The snow set in well today – and the country comes to a panicked standstill.

We were in The Cotswolds by the river Windrush for a company offsite – everyone worrying about if they wait too long, will they be snowed in. I was very much looking forward to that situation! Being trapped by snowy, icey roads in a 600 year old cottage (The Old Swan and Minster Mill in Minster Lovell) with beautiful white surroundings, drinking hot chocolate by the fire or going for a trudge through the grounds of this beautiful cottage resort…sounds fine to me!

But alas, some have left before I even get to breakfast at 8.15 … Despite there being no real issues on the roads. The major struggle of the icey hill presenting no problem when we resort to following the masses and leaving too… Sigh.

Will have to come back to see the Minster Mill ruins and explore this lovely snowy place.

Stay tuned for how this minor (compared to Switzerland) snow disables London’s transport systems for my treck home from the office…

EDIT 2013-02-19 (late…I know):
Got home without too much drama – but as usual when anything goes wrong (read: not perfect conditions); London bridge was degraded to manual platform announcements and severe confusion. I didn’t care much, just laughed really. The mighty London brought to a standstill by less than half a metre of snow…

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