Fix Windows 8 Hyper-V WiFi Virtual Switch Problems

Had a problem where my VM wasn’t able to find any network connectivity. Found this blog which pointed me in the right direction: Fix Windows 8 and Hyper-V Virtual Switch Problems | siliconvalve.

I’m mainly just reblogging this because of the quick-fix found in the comments.

If you’re having issues with virtual machine (VM) or host connectivity when using a Hyper-V virtual switch connected to your WiFi adapter in Windows 8, then its likely that disconnecting from the WiFi SSID and reconnecting will resolve it. If not, you may need to disable and re-enable the vEthernet adapter that corresponds to your WiFi adapter in Network Connections (ncpa.cpl).

For me, disconnecting and reconnecting from the SSID works, but not disabling and re-enabling. Very odd.

I wouldn’t recommend following the attached blog’s steps for adding all those unnecessary services to the Network Bridge – I think that’s a red herring.

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