A passing view on New Zealand’s governing

I recently filled out a Colmar Brunton opinion poll targeted at Kiwis living abroad. At the end, there was a comments box which asked for further thoughts that New Zealand should hear from us expats. This is a very rough and not very well thought out paragraph or two that I gave.

New Zealand needs to go back to being steadfast in its views of progression towards the future of human society and uphold strong freedom values. For example, recent intellectual property reforms, and protest laws revoke freedoms of our people and just bow to the pressure of foreign interests, compared to our previous strength in sticking to what we believe – such as with our nuclear policy and other such UN/global defiance. Proving our strength as an independent nation.
New Zealand should also hold on to its assets and things that set it apart from other countries – whilst socialism isn’t necessarily the answer – neither is selling vital infrastructure to foreign parties to put us at their mercy and control – for their own profitable gains. Core infrastructure should be funded by the people, for the people. That is the role of government. To uphold basic rights, freedoms and provisions to allow for a comfortable life for all.

Let me know what you think about my thoughts…

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