Photos taken in the wrong timezone – fixing them en masse / in bulk

Been travelling with your sans-GPS/WiFi digital camera? Went across a timezone boundary or haven’t used your camera since you were in a different timezone? Bugger. Now all your photos will be out of line with your smartphone’s photos, since that changed along with the cellular network.

It’s ok! Luckily, ExifTool by Phil Harvey is here to save you!

You can feed in a whole folder of images (even in RAW formats like CR2!) and adjust the date/time in the photos.

exiftool -AllDates=”<h:m:s>” -FileModifyDate=”<h:m:s>” -FileCreateDate=”<h:m:s>” “<folder location>

Note the ‘-‘ before the ‘=’. If you want to push the times forward then you will need to use a ‘+’ here instead.


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