Buying mp3 music from from outside the US

TLDR: Just wanna get on with buying mp3 music from outside of the US? See the steps below the image.

Disclaimer: I have no idea whether this is legal or OK; it may be against the terms of service for Amazon, or the laws in the US or your own country. This isn’t something I’m going to do wholesale, and neither should you – but if you want one album and you can’t find it anywhere other than, see below. As such, I cannot be held responsible for any outcomes from following these instructions.

Buying digital media is still a pain. All I wanted to do was pay an artist for their music that I love, because their album slipped off the streaming service I use. What an exercise in futility. Try their website; nope not there. iTunes? On Windows? No thanks. iTunes doesn’t have a browser based store because… reasons!? Try (I’m UK based), nope… just the physical album and vinyl(?!).

So I contact them on Twitter: they suggest buying from Amazon with the ‘autorip’ feature. Amazon UK doesn’t seem to have it, or at least their album isn’t enabled for it. Sigh.

I found the album in mp3 form on but was receiving this error when trying to use my UK debit card:
Your payment method must be issued by a bank local to the marketplace

Your payment method must be issued by a bank local to the marketplace
Your payment method must be issued by a bank local to the marketplace


I found I could buy from, but I had to:

  1. buy a USD gift card on for the amount that the album costs
  2. apply that gift card to my account in
  3. sign-up for a US bank issued debit card using
    note: I didn’t have to top it up, if you go back to the dashboard you get the card details without topping it up
    There’s no identity verification to get to the point where you get the card details, so feel free to input whatever you like. The only places you need to be truthful are:

    • an email address – you need to receive a confirmation
    • a mobile phone number – you need this to receive an SMS with the card’s PIN in order to view the card number and CVV
  4. add that card to my Amazon account, and use it at payment time
    despite not actually intending to charge anything to it, its just a requirement for buying music in from Amazon US

BOOM mp3 music from without restrictions for me to use where I please!

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