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Fix Windows 8 Hyper-V WiFi Virtual Switch Problems

Had a problem where my VM wasn’t able to find any network connectivity. Found this blog which pointed me in the right direction: Fix Windows 8 and Hyper-V Virtual Switch Problems | siliconvalve. I’m mainly just reblogging this because of the quick-fix found in the comments. If you’re having issues with virtual machine (VM) or host […]

Project Server 2010: RBS antecedents not being granted Project Site permissions

Unfortunately there is a bug in Project Server 2010 that incorrectly removes, and/or does not apply permissions to users who should be entitled project site rights when a Project Site synchronisation happens (the action manually started from the Project Sites Server Settings page, or the action started after an AD group sync). The case when […]

Project Server 2010: Can’t configure Project Site provisioning

I had an issue today where I brought the live Project Web App databases and relevant content databases from the live farm to the development farm for a client. When I mounted the database and provisioned PWA against them, everything seemed fine. That is, until I went to configure Project Sites provisioning so that it […]

My SharePoint best practices

Backup – Due to SharePoint becoming a pivotal part of the business where significant chunks of the company will rely on its functions to perform their job, I would recommend the following: SQL backups should be performed directly on all databases (or at leastthe content databases (Databases prefixed: WSS_Content_)) on a cycle that is a […]

Project Server: Removed the initial AAM and now the sample BI gallery doesn’t work?

Project Server 2010: Business Intelligence Center – Behind the Scenes – Brian Smiths Microsoft Project Support Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs. If you’ve changed the Alternate Access Mappings (AAM) for a site from what they were when you first deployed PWA, then you might notice the built in demo Business Intelligence site no […]

Project Server Security explained

Project Server Security explained « Ben Howard, Applepark – Project Server Consultant. Project Server security can be hard to wrap your head around at first glance… users, groups, security categories, global permissions, category permissions… phew! This article does a pretty good job of explaining it textually and visually.