I’m Ashley.


non-technology: kiwi, geek, wanderluster, traveller, pochemuchka, wannabe-polyglot, photographer, UK-resident, board games, music, concerts, gigs, festivals, spontaneity.

technology: security, identity, PowerShell, infrastructure, Microsoft, Windows, SharePoint, internet, web, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), Raspberry Pi, hypervisors, virtualisation, networking (of the internet kind).


I don’t filter my thoughts as @webash, and occasionally post or discuss technology, political or nonsensical things.

I can be emailed using website-hello {at}

I used to do website design, development and hosting – and in some ways I still do. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in something.

Key/Value Pairs.’s SSL cert thumbprint 9f b1 78 45 53 87 52 d1 dc 15 da 24 e2 17 75 ca 69 27 92 ab
email website-hello {at}
twitter @webash

2 responses on “Me.

  1. Your instructions for goodtft worked for me perfect. Thanks.
    Now I am trying to conect a bluethoothspeaker to rpi-buster. But
    until now not succeeded.
    Where can I find a simple solution?

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