WebAsh Design

If you’re here, it might be because you clicked a link on a site of old of mine. My first foray into providing IT services was as a web ‘designer’. I place ‘designer’ in inverted commas, as I wasn’t much of one for design in an aesthetic sense, but they (perhaps begrudgingly?) met the requirements of my clients. I don’t really do it anymore, but I still manage a few sites with occasional updates.

My career has taken me down the path of infrastructure and cloud technologies. My day-job mostly involves Microsoft technologies, and that’s in part because I got caught up in being one of few SharePoint-infrastructure people in New Zealand at a time when it was starting to catch on. Personally, most of my infrastructure and supporting-devices run Linux; mostly because the resource footprint and therefore cost is so much smaller than running Windows, as well as the large community of free/open-source software to suit my minor requirements.

Anyway… I’m rambling… I still have my old site. It’s mildly embarrassing, so I’ve made you sit through some text first. You can find it here >.<