Delegate Azure subscription access to an external user

Delegate Azure subscription access to an external user

Recently at Content and Code, I needed to be able to provide an external user (someone outside of our organisation) with access to¬†an Azure subscription using Azure RM RBAC. The Azure portal interface implies that you can just add them straight away and the details they need in order to connect will just be sent […]

Windows 8.1: Where’s my OneNote screen clipping shortcut gone?!

Thanks, Windows 8.1. Why’d you have to go create YET ANOTHER search keyboard shortcut on Windows + S and steal my beloved OneNote Screen Grab key away from me. Thankfully, the below registry key addition allows me to turn that one off and bring back my OneNote key! reg.exe add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced /v DisabledHotkeys /t REG_SZ […]

My SharePoint best practices

Backup – Due to SharePoint becoming a pivotal part of the business where significant chunks of the company will rely on its functions to perform their job, I would recommend the following: SQL backups should be performed directly on all databases (or at leastthe content databases (Databases prefixed: WSS_Content_)) on a cycle that is a […]