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Wake-on-LAN (WoL) with Realtek integrated NIC / AsRock motherboard

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) with Realtek integrated NIC / AsRock motherboard

Having trouble getting Wake on LAN (WoL) to operate with your AsRock (or probably any manufacturer) motherboard that has an integrated Realtek (and also probably other manufacturers) NIC onboard? Try disabling both the Energy Efficient Ethernet and Green Ethernet options in the Advanced tab of the device in Device Manager (devmgmt.msc). When these options are […]

Bringing back the gadgets from Vista/7 to Windows 8

Like having information readily viewable on your desktop in the form of gadgets/widgets? Made the upgrade to Windows 8 and was disappointed to see the functionality gone? Install: 8GadgetPack РGadgets for Windows 8. Gives you back the functionality you desire. Thanks, Helmut Buhler.

Fix Windows 8 Hyper-V WiFi Virtual Switch Problems

Had a problem where my VM wasn’t able to find any network connectivity. Found this blog which pointed me in the right direction:¬†Fix Windows 8 and Hyper-V Virtual Switch Problems | siliconvalve. I’m mainly just reblogging this because of the quick-fix found in the comments. If you’re having issues with virtual machine (VM) or host […]